Camera remote control

Mirrori — is a new app that is using the AI, Machine learning, Blockchain and other hype technologies and allows you to use the whole power of your rear (back) camera for taking awesome selfies!

ðŸ“ē Install Mirrori app on both devices to pair them

As we all know, rear cameras are way more powerful than the front ones, and they allow us to take better photos with better quality, detalization and resolution.

ðŸ“ą Put device on selfie stick

Put one device with a better camera on your selfie stick so that back camera is facing you.

Take other device in your hand ðŸĪģðŸŧ

Take the second device in your hand. You will be able to see the picture from the first device and make a photo remotely.
Don't be in hurry, take the best position and mimic you want, then just tap a button on your second phone, and your first iPhone on the selfie stick will take a photo.

ðŸ“ąðŸ“ą Both devices on selfie stick

If you have both devices in a same size, you can put them both on selfie stick.

You have only one device but still want to take awesome selfies?


The app doesn't require any internet connection ☝ðŸŧ

This is the ideal solution when 2 or more people want to take a group selfie! ðŸ‘Ŋ‍♀ïļ

ÂĐ Mirrori